For those patients with medical insurance cover

Please bring all your policy details with you on the day of your appointment.

All invoices are sent to your insurance company and are usually settled directly with them without the need for your involvement.

Mr Devereux is a BUPA registered Consultant and as such is obliged to charge for all procedures according to the BUPA fee schedule, both in outpatients and for any subsequent operations performed.

  • This is important for you to know as some insurance companies have unilaterally started to introduce their own fee schedule outside of this previously universally accepted regime.
  • You may therefore be responsible for any shortfall depending on the degree of cover afforded by your individual insurance policy.
  • Please note that ultimately it is you and not your insurance company that is responsible for settlement of invoices in full.

As there is a lot of variation, it is worth checking and clarifying this with your insurance company beforehand if you are unsure.

For uninsured / ‘self pay’ patients

You will receive an invoice from Mr Devereux’s secretary following your appointment for his standard new appointment fee of £250.  All subsequent follow up appointments will be charged at £180.

If you require any diagnostic tests or therapeutic treatments during the course of Mr Devereux’s examination there will be a surcharge on top of his standard fee.

Examples of diagnostic tests would include syringing, biometry, OCT and visuals fields.

Examples of therapeutic treatments would include removal of lumps, bumps and YAG laser in clinic.

Please note that all private hospitals also charge patients for the use of the equipment in outpatients and nursing staff support should you need any of these extra diagnostic tests or treatments.

The Hospital will therefore invoice you SEPERATELY for their charges related to this.

If you do NOT need any of these extras however, then you will only receive an invoice for Mr Devereux’s consultation fee as above.

If you wish to know more about the potential cost of your treatment then feel free to ask Mr Devereux at the time of your consultation, who will be able to tell you exactly what charges will be relevant to you.

If you have any queries regarding your account, Mr Devereux’s secretary can be contacted on either 01227 208 560 or 0845 5561257.

If you need to leave your name, telephone number and insurance details (if applicable) and invoice number and she will contact you as soon as possible.

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